The Sacred Fool

The Fool’s Journey

Most people believe that Life is about “getting it right”, being good or achieving something. If one is thriving in Positive Energy, these will come naturally. Most of us, however, are overwhelmed by Negative Energy and are slaves to our own Mind’s creation, the Ego. What we need is to come out of Ignorance and into Wisdom and this requires Enlightenment. It is not so much about gaining knowledge as it is about Surrender. The Sacred Fool is about the journey to Enlightenment as represented in the Tarot.

My Ego Free Life

Liberating the Ego can become quite complicated, especially since it is the Mind with which we are doing battle. This becomes even more difficult when dealing with issues of Neurodivergence such as ADHD or Autism. This blog explores solutions and applications for specific hurdles in the transformation process.