The Sacred Fool

The Journey Begins

In the journey of Life, many of us become blind to our True nature and begin living out a life that is not of our own choosing. At some point a Tower Moment is required to wake us up and send us on a journey of self discovery. The Sacred Fool is about that journey.

The Tower

The Tower is the Universe’s way of getting your attention when your Ego is out of control and you are no longer spiritually aware. It usually signals a major life change and a new beginning.

Discover Yourself

The Tower makes us realize that our life has been built on a faulty foundation. In fact, one could say that we have been living someone else’s life. We have beliefs that are deceptive, self-defeating and completely false. You cannot choose the Life you want in the absence of Freedom, Wisdom and Clarity.

The Fool’s Journey

The Sacred Fool is about the journey to spiritual enlightenment and dropping the mask of the Ego, along with the restricting beliefs and conditioning of the past. Here, you’ll find insights from Recovery, The Tarot, Spirituality and some good old common horse-sense. There’s a lot of reading, but if you’re on the journey, that’s what you do…

Let Go of the Past

The most difficult part of the journey is learning to let go of previous conditioning, old beliefs and negative energy.