The Sacred Fool

The Fool’s Journey

The Sacred Fool is dedicated to the journey from being Ego-led to becoming one’s true, authentic Self. This goes beyond simply being “Woke” as is popular in today’s culture. This involves death and re-birth. It includes passage through the Dark Night of the Soul. It is total liberation from the mask, the facade, the persona you used to protect yourself but which prevented you from living a Life of your own determination. It won’t be easy and it will require complete Surrender but the reward will be Self Discovery and True Love.

The Journey To Your New Life Begins…

The Fool card in the Tarot represents a new beginning. It depicts leaving the past behind and setting out on a quest for self discovery. The Fool carries only a small bag of lessons learned and a white rose representing mindfulness of the here and now. He leaves behind his attachment to his mind and ego and follows Spirit with reckless abandon. The Tarot Deck tells of his many experiences and encounters along the way and becomes a faithful companion on the Fool’s Journey.