Positive & Negative Energy

In order to make the adjustment and begin operating more in the spiritual realm, or in Positive Energy, we need to put things in proper perspective. Positive Energy is that which is Real or Authentic. Negative Energy is a mirror, a shadow, a void. Positive Energy is Life, Negative Energy is Death. In other words, anything that leads to vitality, serenity and fulfillment is within the realm of Positive Energy. Love, Truth, Serenity, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Justice, Mercy, Health, Freedom, Success, Prosperity, Courage, Victory, Fidelity and Integrity are all properties of Positive Energy. The goal of Positive Energy is always wholeness, completion, maturity and fruition. We know this simply by observing nature.

So then, Positive Energy is where we want to be. That is the second distinction that we need to make as we look to transition from the physical to the spiritual. Serenity, Love, Wisdom and Peace are a location. It is not so much about what we do as it is where we are. Take a few seconds to meditate on that and let its Truth permeate your soul. Meditation takes you to the place of Serenity. It does not give you Serenity. We are spirit beings and as such, we engage spiritual principles regularly whether we know it or not.  As we live in this corporeal body, we will always have to balance between Positive and Negative energy, since we are surrounded by both. As we know from nature, Life operates in cycles. It is logical to assume that this life is merely a cycle and that death simply marks the end of this cycle. It is best not to view Positive and Negative energy as “good and bad” or “right and wrong”. Doing so introduces a moral component which actually serves to empower Negative energy.

The next observation we need to make is, if “do” is not the primary focus in Positive Energy, then how do we simply “be”? The answer to that is Surrender. The principles of Life have been around long before we arrived on the scene. It is not up to us to “figure them out”, or to try to control them. Our task is simply to connect with Life and allow the gifts, talents and expression with which we have been endowed, to flow forth. This means not only surrender to the principles of Life, but surrender to our higher self, our spirit, our Heart! We need to surrender to the part of us that hears the voice of Wisdom, Peace and Joy! We must make a distinction between our Spirit and our Ego and no longer allow our broken, hurt, dysfunctional Ego to be in charge.

Surrender is not the same as “choice”, which is necessary in the physical realm. Surrender is more of an attitude, a position. It is a type of respect. By surrendering, we acknowledge the inherent value of the principles of Positive Energy as well as our place and benefit within their boundaries.  While surrender, at times, requires choice, it often involves a relinquishing of choice. However, this “relinquishing of choice” is done so that we may remain within the boundaries of Positive Energy. For example, we may surrender to Forgiveness in order to remain within the boundaries of Love, or we may surrender to Simplicity in order to remain within the boundaries of Health. We can say that we “choose to forgive”, but in reality, we either surrender to the law of Love or we fail to surrender and remain in bitterness. We either surrender to the natural laws of Health, or we make choices based out of ignorance and eat what is sold to us through slick marketing campaigns. To say that we have a choice between Positive and Negative Energy is like saying we have a choice between a gold coin and a plastic replica. Choosing the plastic would not only demonstrate Ignorance, but disrespect as well. Surrendering to Positive Energy also gives us access to Wisdom and Freedom, which are both necessary in making wise choices.

One must not look at Surrender as a “giving away” of oneself, or as losing one’s identity. Surrender is simply acknowledging the value and boundaries of Positive Energy. Surrender to Positive Energy is an investment in one’s Self and as such, provides a return in the end. Let’s return to our concept of Mastery. Think about a Master Chef, a Master Carpenter or a Master Electrician. In order to become a master, one must be dedicated or devoted to his craft. It requires an intense level of focus, perseverance, and patience. In other words, it requires complete Surrender! But this does not result in taking away from the pupil; rather, it results in expansion, a return on his investment.

This principle can be applied in all areas of Positive Energy such as Love, Truth, Wisdom, Justice, and so on. Each of these principles has laws, boundaries, and anticipated outcomes. They are not always as “black and white” as they would appear to be and are quite often paradoxical. For example, Love may require that a certain amount of Negative Energy be tolerated for a period of time. Joy often crosses what seems to be a boundary into the Negative through the enjoyment of a glass of wine, or an adrenaline rush. Think of it as light piercing darkness. Boundaries do exist, however, and surrender must be engaged in order to remain within the realm of Positive Energy. If we attempt to extend Joy beyond its boundaries, we may encounter Addiction, for example. Or, if we love someone and tolerate abuse, neglect or negative behavior then we enable them and disrespect ourselves.

In fact, it is possible to elevate or emphasize one particular Principle and violate the Principle of Harmony. If one over emphasizes Truth for example, he may become rigid or legalistic and neglect Mercy or Compassion. This opens the door for abuse, judgment and even hatred. On the other hand, one may over emphasize Love and neglect to set proper boundaries which leads to disrespect and abuse as well. All of the Principles of Positive Energy must be equally valued and respected. Freedom, for example, recognizes the sovereignty of each individual and respects boundaries even though it contains the concept of limitlessness.

Positive and Negative energy operate differently and it is important to make the distinction. Positive Energy is Light. It is intrinsically valuable in that it provides benefit, Life and a positive return to those who invest time and effort to abide within it. By its very nature, which includes Love, Freedom and Peace, it is not forceful or coercive. Rather, it is gentle, patient and forgiving. Negative Energy is opposite. It is forceful, dominating, coercive, deceitful and destructive. Addiction, Disease and Ignorance are perfect examples of Negative Energy. It is for this reason that the Ego alone is insufficient in achieving personal fulfillment and that healing or recovery must include Surrender to Spirit and Positive Energy. The Ego can easily be deceived or overwhelmed by Negative Energy. Only through Surrender to the Light of Wisdom, Truth and Love can it be restored to its original authentic self.

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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