Solving the “God” problem of Recovery

Although most religions claim to be spiritually focused, nearly all filter spirituality through the physical lens or require some type of behavioral compliance in order to obtain spiritual rewards. Monotheistic religions tend to view God as a singular being, much like ourselves, and worship Him as a personal deity rather than acknowledge the spiritual laws, principles and concepts that make up Positive Energy. The Bible states that “God is Love”. If He is Love, then it logically follows that He is also Wisdom. And if He is Wisdom, He is Truth; and Health; and all other things Positive. In fact, God is Positive Energy; ALL of it, which also means that ALL of it is also God. That means that we need to give the same reverence to Health as we do to Love, Truth and Wisdom. It also means that we need to place far more emphasis and importance on spiritual matters rather than earthly or temporal matters. Of course, we are constantly reminded to do this by scriptures, sages, prophets and the occasional televangelist. It’s just that we get so easily distracted by all this “physical” stuff we have to do, that we forget the spiritual.

It is most helpful to shift one’s view of God to that of Positive Energy and focus on the Principles of Love, Truth, Wisdom, etc. since these are attributes which require personal acknowledgment and action, rather than expecting a divine entity to do something for us or meet our needs. If we perceive God to be like ourselves, then we will eventually project our prejudices and expectations onto Him which will lead to disappointment, and subsequently, resentment. In fact, it is better to perceive ourselves as more like God than vice-versa. If we realize that we have access to His energy through surrender to His laws and principles, then we are more likely to pick up our responsibility and flow within the properties of Positive Energy. Moreover, our objective will become one of self-investment rather than simply obedience to a superior entity. It is hardly noble to obey an entity who can obliterate you with a simple thought, and blind obedience hardly seems to be the objective of creating a free-will agent. However, freely acknowledging that which is valuable and surrendering oneself to its principles for self-advancement and benefit is quite noble indeed.

Religions tend to focus more on the adherence to moral code rather than the natural boundaries of spiritual principles such as Love or Truth. The Golden Rule is very simple; treat others as you would like to be treated. No need for an elaborate list of do’s and don’ts. Religious or Egotistic thought tends to place the cart of behavior ahead of the horse of one’s location within Positive or Negative Energy. It is one’s spiritual location that will determine the consequent behavior and not vice-versa. One of the major focal points of our physical state is our need to judge based on performance. After all, our survival is directly related to our ability to perform. In the spirit realm, however, there is no need to evaluate by performance since it is not the individual who is in control, but God, The Universe or Universal Principles.  The objective is not to “get it right” so much as it is to line up with, or to get into the stream of things. If we are operating in Love then our subsequent actions will be motivated by Love. Our location in Positive or Negative Energy is largely determined by our focus, intention and level of enlightenment.

Since we live in, and are surrounded by, material objects subject to physical laws and properties with limitations, our spiritual vision is, at best, myopic.  Our physical and mental state is quite fragile, and as a result, we tend to be very Narcissistic and ego-driven.  We desperately need to control our environment, and our future; consequently, we revere choice, logic and behavior. We tend to think more in terms of “do” rather than simply “be”. We evaluate ourselves on our performance and our ability to acquire material possessions, take care of ourselves and accomplish things. What’s more, we imagine that God also evaluates us by these standards. In reality, God is not some “person” out there judging us; rather, He is Love, Peace, Serenity, Truth, Wisdom, and everything we truly need, waiting for us to get things in proper perspective and engage Him, or His Principles.

In truth, the Spiritual operates much differently from the physical. Positive Energy has a set of laws and principles that operate exclusively within its realm. The same is true for Negative energy. Positive energy consists of Love, Peace, Serenity, Joy, Wisdom, Truth, Justice, Mercy, Health and so on. These are the principles of Life. They are invaluable and worth any sacrifice in order to experience them daily. But in order to have them in operation, we must first see them, and then pursue them. Since these are spiritual principles, we must seek them with our spirit, or our Higher Self. However, since we are accustomed to operating in the physical realm, this gets quite tricky and the Ego is quite persistent in maintaining control.

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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