Ego vs. Spirit

We have already established that the Ego is that natural part of us that is connected to the body, the mind and our primal emotions. In short, it is the Avatar we use to interact with the world around us and represent who we think we are.

The Spirit is that part of us which communicates with God or the Universe. It operates predominately in Positive Energy while the Ego is susceptible to Negative Energy due to its connection with the physical body and material world.

The Ego is basically a creation of the Mind through its attempt to understand the environment and interact with it. However, we are also Spiritual beings, connected to the Universe and subject to its Principles and Nature. The Mind interprets data from its immediate environment and translates it to the Ego. This can lead to false beliefs, erroneous conclusions and distortions which ignore the Spiritual Realm and its Principles. In order to live according to Spiritual Principles, one must drop the mask of the Ego and Surrender the Mind to its Spiritual Nature

When we begin in this endeavor, the Ego will offer great resistance. Many times, what we think are spiritual exercises with the goal of transformation are actually Mind-Ego-motivated thoughts and actions designed to comfort and restore the Ego to power. This is why we do not experience a change in our situation or circumstances as the Universe continues to honor the desire of our Will to transform. At this point we must learn to Surrender the negative thoughts and emotions generated by the Ego and embrace Positive Energy from our Spirit.

This can be a difficult, torturous process. Once I recognized that my Ego was the force behind my attempts at restoration, I began to ignore the negative thoughts and emotions it generated. At this point I felt “numb” rather than positive or joyful. I recognized this as progress but knew that I needed to press further in order to put my Spirit fully in control. I continued to have difficulty hearing my Intuition and discovered that during my meditation my Ego was trying to obtain information from my Spirit so that it could continue to be in control.

The objective for which we are striving is being led by our Intuition rather than by our wounded, negative Ego. Learning your personality type will help you considerably in knowing how your Ego responds to its environment and why you think/behave in a certain manner. Finding a Tarot Reader is one way in which you can navigate the Spirit realm and get feedback on your progress toward transformation. Mentors, Counselors, books and online groups may also provide assistance.

We have difficulty understanding why it is so difficult to operate from the Spirit and to surrender the mind and the Ego. This is because the Ego operates in Negative Energy which is manipulative, forceful and controlling. It is not that our Spirit is weaker, but that Positive Energy operates on Love and Respect. It has to wait for us to see the “light” or value and then set our Will or Intention to move. In other words, transformation requires self-determination. This also explains why co-dependency and victimization are such blockages in obtaining healing. Religious focus on obedience and compliance as well as adherence to dogma is another factor in becoming stuck on our journey.

As we take steps of Faith toward Liberation, it does not matter so much that we “get it right” but that we simply reach out to the Universe and that we begin to stand up and fight for our Selves with the realization that we are worthy and a beloved, integral part of Creation and the Universe.

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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