Demystifying Enlightenment

As is often the case with Universal Principles, Enlightenment is given a “mystical” status which leads the average seeker to believe that it is something more complicated than it actually is. The quickest explanation is that Enlightenment is simply an act of falling in Love. As the word suggests, to become “En-light-en-ed” means that one has the Light of Truth shown onto a particular area of his or her life. What makes Enlightenment so unique and unusual is that it typically bypasses or overrides the mind. It usually shows up as a “revelation” or an “epiphany” rather than a logical conclusion. The only difference between an “Enlightened Master” and the rest of us schleps is that the Master has been Enlightened in a lot more areas.

The reason Enlightenment is an act of falling in Love is because when one becomes “enlightened” to the beauty, wonder and value of Positive Principles and one’s own participation in and with them, Love is the natural response. It isn’t that we are unaware of the value of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Peace, Success and Freedom, but we take them for granted, seeing them as principles that exist, but thinking the best that we can hope for is that they will cross our path from time to time. We are largely blind to our ability to engage with them and participate in the formulation of our own destiny. Unfortunately, the Ego distracts us from these principles and convinces us that we need to be in control rather than surrender to Positive Energy,  believing that we are the source rather than needing to align with the Source. Once our eyes are opened and we begin our love affair with Life, a whole new world opens up. Suddenly, common, every-day occurrences and experiences become vibrant, even though they had always been right in front of us. The change? The Light came on, or rather, we stepped into it.

Enlightenment can be something as simple as becoming aware of the need to change a bad habit or as complicated as the awareness of the non-existence of time. One common trait of those having become enlightened is Humility. The recipient of the “Epiphany” fully realizes that he or she did nothing to obtain the revelation and can take no credit for its acquisition apart from surrendering the mind and preconceived notions. While the revelations received through a period of Enlightenment must eventually be translated through the mind, they first arrive in the spirit as simply a “knowing”. The mind then begins to take the received Truth and apply it to other areas replacing erroneous beliefs with new ones and altering the necessary ramifications of the new understanding. At this point, the person has changed and the enlightenment has had its full effect.

Enlightenment typically does not come through meditation, although meditation certainly sets the stage. It usually arrives after a stage of “pondering” or a set of circumstances. Even though the initial quest may begin with the Ego in the form of anxiety or cognitive dissonance, a request is sent out to the Universe through the spirit for Wisdom or Truth. This results in the “light bulb” moment when the answer arrives. While the mind may not fully comprehend the response all at once, it will eventually assimilate and adjust to the newly acquired truths. Often this comes after the Ego has tried everything within its power to solve a problem or “figure out” the reason behind a particular dilemma. Once it has become exhausted and arrives at a state of “giving up” or Surrender, the answer appears.

Enlightenment is essential to spiritual growth since it is necessary in delivering the Ego from Ignorance and Negative Energy. Wisdom is not the acquisition of knowledge and it is not produced by the human mind. Wisdom is Positive Energy. It comes through the spirit to the mind in the form of illumination. While it is true that Wisdom and Truth must be sought out, they cannot be “seen” without illumination through the spirit, which requires a surrender of the Ego. Although Enlightenment may not be as complicated as we sometimes believe, it is absolutely critical.

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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