True Surrender

After a serious case of writer’s block, I’ve finally found some inspiration during a morning meditation and an email discussion. As I have previously stated in earlier articles, Surrender is completely misunderstood and it is largely because the concept has been run through the Ego brain and crafted to “make sense” or reduced to fit within the confines of the Ego’s “understanding”.

First of all, Surrender is a stand-alone concept. Most want to throw it into the same basket as Choice, but it is something altogether separate. “Do I choose to eat the candy bar, which would bring me happiness for the moment or do I choose the carrot which would contribute to my Health. Do I surrender to Joy or do I surrender to Health? I really want the candy bar but I don’t want Diabetes. I want good Health, but I hate carrots. Why do I have this dilemma in the first place?” This conversation is an example of the Ego trying to act like Wisdom. Wisdom is a principle of Life, of Positive Energy. It cannot be accessed directly by the Ego (i.e. mind), which is tied to the physical, material realm. The Ego must have Wisdom translated by the Spirit, our access to the Universe. Wisdom surpasses the understanding of the Ego.

The “Surrender” to which we are referring is that which leads to Positive Energy, Fulfillment and Recovery. The goal is to enjoy Life with all of its benefits and to tap into our place in the Universe. The common understanding of Surrender is “Let Go, Let God”. However, Surrender requires more than just “letting go”. Surrender is not simply a passive act. Spiritual growth requires confronting irrational beliefs from the past and overcoming negative, debilitating emotions, coping strategies and substitutes. More is required than letting go of negative beliefs. One must take steps of faith into new territory and walk out the Truth, exercising Freedom and leaving behind Fear and Deception. This requires Faith and Action, which are also components of Surrender.

Life offers personal fulfillment, heart’s desires, wholeness, maturity and completion. These are the goals of Positive Energy. It is Negative Energy such as Ignorance, Deception, Hurt, Resentment and a host of others that cause our Ego to react, build defenses, and come up with irrational coping strategies. However, as the above conversation demonstrates, the Ego wants to be in control and will mimic the Spirit in order to remain so. We deceive ourselves and go along with the Ego because we lack trust in Life and the Universe and are afraid to confront our fears and disbelief.

The Universe wants us to have our heart’s desires, which are part of the package called “You”. Your gifts and callings are as natural to you as your physical features. So do you have the cigar or do you eat the broccoli? The answer of course is both… or neither. If you Surrender to Life and Health you will desire and respect their boundaries and do whatever it takes to have and keep them. But then Joy will come along and say “Hey, let’s go for a ride”. Then you will look over at Wisdom, who will give you a wink and a nod as if to say “it’s OK”. Remember, it isn’t about “getting it right”, neither is it about “being good enough”. You were never in control and were not meant to be. It’s about being in the right spiritual place, being aligned with Life’s Principles, being on the same page with the Universe. It is about connecting with your Source, the Source of Freedom, Peace and Joy. When you are connected to Source it is in your nature to do the “right” thing for You.

The issue then becomes “what is separating me from Life and Spirit”? The answer always lies with the Ego. We have the freedom of Intention, or Will, but Ignorance, Fear, Deception and other Negative Energies blind us and keep us from Surrendering to Spirit. In order to move from Negative to Positive Energy, we must first appreciate the value of Positive Energy. This may seem like a no-brainer, but remember, the Ego lives in Ignorance. When we are diagnosed with a disease, all of a sudden Health becomes precious. If we become trapped in circumstances, such as incarceration, Freedom becomes dear. That is not to say that we need the Negative in order to appreciate the Positive, but it certainly raises our awareness and sense of Gratitude.

This is why Surrender is not a “choice”. Nothing compares to Love, Truth, Wisdom, Health, Peace, Prosperity or Life. To say that these are choices is an insult to the Universe and a demonstration of Ignorance. In order to choose wisely, one must have Clarity, Freedom and Wisdom. These exist in only one realm. In order to remain within the parameters of Positive Energy and adhere to its Principles, choices are required. However, choices are a reflection of the energy in which we are operating. If we are operating out of Ignorance, our choices will be ignorant. To say that one can remove oneself from Addiction by making better choices is to say that you can defeat Addiction with the Ego. Surrender to Positive Energy provides one with the Freedom, Clarity and Wisdom to make better choices.

So how do you move from Negative to Positive? Well, one generally moves in the direction he is looking. Look toward Life, desire it, and you will eventually arrive. Whenever an obstacle arises, identify it, trace its origin, Accept it, then Surrender and keep moving. Not as easy as it sounds, but that is the basic idea. “Wanting it” is not enough! Do you want Love? Do you want Peace? Do you want Fulfillment? Do you want a happy marriage? Do you want a million dollars? Then you have to Surrender to what it takes. But it is what you desire, so the Surrender is an investment in yourself, not a chore nor an act of “obedience” but an investment. The Universe wants you to have it too. Get the Ego out of the way and line up. What are you waiting for?

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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