The Fool’s Journey

OK, so now you know your personality type along with some of the peculiar traits, quirks and proclivities that make you the wonderful, magnificent, spectacular creation that you are. The firsts step in your journey of self love and healing is coming to acceptance of your unique composition and history. Your Ego has evolved according to your personality type by utilizing its strengths and compensating for weaknesses, and interpreting information through the filter of your unique perspective. It is not our goal to eliminate, or even to “set aside” the Ego. Our goal is to connect with Spirit and Surrender to the principles of the Universe in order to bring about Love, Healing, Serenity, Freedom and Success, thereby fulfilling our place in the Universe and healing our Soul.

So, for example, you are an ISFJ and early on you discovered that you felt a sense of accomplishment and self worth when you helped others. Or perhaps you were in a family situation that required your help with care giving and chores. As you grew, you began looking for someone who needed you, even though this was on a subconscious level. Perhaps you were attracted to someone who was immature or even addicted. Maybe you found someone who had emotional or physical handicaps. Your life became one of service and your own identity, with its needs, desires and dreams slowly began to vanish. The spark of Life began to die inside and your existence became robotic, routine and dark. This is not who you were meant to be. You were given a warm, caring heart and the ability to work, create and serve. But all of your service is supposed to be done from a Joyful, contented heart which is fed and nurtured daily just like the ones for whom you care. You must accept the Truth that although you were born to serve and to help others, your caring nature was exploited and you took a short cut to personal fulfillment by accepting the crumbs of smiles and “thank you’s” which your service attracted. You must then Surrender to Spirit and the principles of the Universe in order to become the magnificent powerhouse you were intended to be. You then go on to open up your own chain of hotels, or start your catering business or become an interior designer and you thrive because you learn that you are worthy just as you are and your self worth doesn’t depend on how much you do or how well you perform, but simply who you are.

Or maybe you are an ENTP and you were diagnosed with ADHD early on in school. Your life has been a series of failures, tests and restrictions. What the people who try to “help” you do not understand is that the last thing you need is to be “restricted”. Your mind constantly creates new fantasies, adventures and solutions to problems. You cannot stand to sit at a desk, or be confined to a room staring at lines on paper or filling in blanks on a computer screen. No one understands you and you are unable to explain your thoughts and feelings to anyone. You were made to be different, to go against the status quo. You were given vision, imagination and a sense of adventure. Instead, your Ego believes that something is wrong with you and that you cannot be trusted with responsibility. You accept labels such as “lazy”, “dreamer”, “hyper” and “unreliable”. Your journey begins with accepting the marvelous visionary and explorer that you are. You must accept the judgments and misconceptions of others as well as the hurt and betrayal in which they engaged. Surrender may require that you “reel it in” and focus, either through medication or supplementation but not to deny the unique energy and vision that only you possess. You must forgive others and yourself for harsh judgments and misguided attempts to “conform” and move forward into your life of architecture, engineering, inventing or creation with the full knowledge that no one can touch you!

Whatever your type, Acceptance and Surrender are the keys to moving from Negative Energy to Positive and beginning your journey of Self Love and personal fulfillment. Let the journey begin and don’t forget to have fun!

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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