Finding a Reader

Tarot readers are amazing! Not only do they operate in the metaphysical, they all sound as if they have master’s degrees in psychotherapy as well. It is no doubt that tarot-reading is a calling but not all readers are called and certainly not all are called to read to you. At the beginning of a reading you will be told to “take what resonates”, meaning to accept what rings in your spirit and reject anything that doesn’t sit well with you. Since readings done on YouTube are for the general population, you will need to listen to several readers for verification. You will need to find readers with whom you can relate and feel comfortable. You will find that some readers seem to “resonate” with you more often than others. You will  need to know your Sun, Moon and Ascending signs which can be found with a simple online search. It is a good idea to get readings with all three signs to get clarity and confirmation.

Here are a few readers whom I have found to be reliable as well as shining lights through very dark times. This should at least give you a good start on your Fool’s journey toward transformation.

The Irish Gypsy  Clear, educational delivery with practical application. Great for those just starting the journey!
The Aussie Goddess Clear, straight-forward delivery with practical application. Lots of attention on inner healing and past issues.
Josie K Tarot  Intuitive, metaphorical style reading with multiple application. Requires attention and use of intuition. Don’t listen while driving!
Truth Well Told Tarot Encouraging, motivational reading with practical application.
Hidden Truth Tarot Basic, straight-forward reading with clear interpretation.
San Tarot Mystical, shamanic, abstract reading with offered extension. Requires use of intuition and imagination and intense focus.
Consciousness Evolution Upbeat, encouraging, mystical, delves into 5-D.
Moon Guidance Tarot Quick, upbeat, straight-forward reading, very positive & encouraging.
Heidi Symoens Straight, reliable, no fluff reading, tells it like it is…
Joanna The Healer  Intuitive, mystical, therapeutic – self healing oriented reading
Pernilla True, reliable reading, especially concerning career and finance… a must have in your library.
A New Era Intuitive reading with practical application directly from Sweden.
Ms. Beverly Encouraging, positive and practical reading.
Rose Burnett Informative, multi-faceted, thorough reading with practical application.
The Journey Home Educational, with elements of both abstract and concrete application.
Royal Mystic Tarot  Educational, straight-forward, practical guidance and meditation.
Guiding Halo  Straight-forward, practical guidance with a Canadian accent, eh…
Jodi’s Soul Songs  Intense, thorough, practical reading with optional extension… usually long…
Soul Warrior Tarot  Positive, energetic, practical reading including career and finance
Unconditional Healing Tarot  Inner Healing, straight forward, spiritual guidance reading.
The Master Key  Self Healing, informative, straight forward guidance…
Diane Edwards Straight-forward, crystal clear, healing, usually lengthy, practical.
Dane Hart Tarot Deep, intense shadow work. Sit down, get comfy, pay attention. You’ll have to rewind, might want to get a pen and paper, lengthy…

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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