Getting Your Wings

Wax on, Wax Off…” Perhaps you will recognize this quote from The Karate Kid when Mr. Miyagi taught his pupil, Daniel, defensive Karate moves by assigning him various chores which incorporated the basic movements needed in self defense. In doing this, Daniel was trained subconsciously while performing a task which seemed to be unrelated to his goal. One may think that this is “conditioning” and that it is deceptive since it by-passes Free Will. First of all, you must remember that Daniel was a student. He had Surrendered his will to Mr. Miyagi in order to learn the discipline of Karate. He was free to bail out at any time and go back to getting his ass kicked at school. Secondly, he needed to learn quickly and his mind was getting in the way.

In my quest to get my Life back on track, hell, to get a Life at this point, my mind has been my greatest enemy. In fact, as I look back, my mind has always been my biggest obstacle. Ironically, it is not the Thinkers who have the most difficulty becoming trapped in their minds; rather, it is the Intuitives who spend countless hours daydreaming, fantasizing, exploring “what-ifs” and conceptualizing. Even more ironic is the fact that Intuitives rely mostly on the mind for their “Intuition” rather than their Spirit. This trait is shared among those who have Attention-Deficit disorders since it provides the basis for inattention and boredom. While most Intuitive types may appear to be “flighty” or distracted, usually they are deep in thought. They just don’t spend time thinking about the same things everyone else does. In fact, it could more accurately be described as “conceptualizing” rather than “thinking”.

Of course, with all this “conceptualizing” one would imagine that some type of energy was being generated and one would be completely accurate in this assumption. Intuitives have the potential to generate huge amounts of creativity when their powers are used for good. However, the down side to this trait is that vast amounts of fear and anxiety can also be generated. Intuitive types can live in a deep, dark chasm of fear, doubt and worry as they imagine all sorts of horrible outcomes and potentials.

As I sat in meditation and tried to “Surrender” my mind and Ego, one message that I kept getting in my Readings was that there was a need to let go of something to which I was clinging. My thought was that it was a person, place or thing from my past. However, today I learned that it was my mind and my dependency on over-thinking that I needed to release. Just like Mr. Miyagi, the Universe had been taking me through a series of steps to by-pass my thought processes. I had learned to not allow the physical/material world to dictate my emotional state; however, my circumstances did not change. I continued living with my parents, remained unemployed and watched my financial situation deteriorate into hopelessness. Finally, while in meditation this morning, things changed.

Over a year ago, I had taken out a loan in order to relieve the financial pressure I was under at the time. When the money finally arrived I felt the relief from the pressure and Spirit spoke to me saying; “what if you could feel this relief before the money arrives?” I filed that thought away for future reference and brought it up for pondering from time to time, realizing that this was the essence of Faith and Trust. This morning, as I was thinking about a debt of which I was concerned, I decided to apply this concept. As I did, Wisdom spoke and provided Enlightenment.

Firstly, I decided to “accept” the feeling that my debt was already paid. As I did, I realized that this was “knowledge” that my Spirit had which was not available to my mind or Ego. As the revelation unfolded, I realized that this knowledge was not based on physical perception or any type of material evidence. It was based upon my Spirit’s familiarity with Source. As I thought of the concept of Faith, I had the thought that much of Faith is based on familiarity and experience and is subconscious. It is like sitting in a chair or flipping on a light switch. You just know what’s going to happen because you have experienced it before. Intuition is like that sometimes; you just know something in your “gut”. In my readings I had been told that my next move would not come to me through the external but would come through my Intuition. I tried desperately to engage my Intuition but my mind kept getting in the way. This morning I realized that all my attempts at “having faith” and “seeing” with my Intuition were attempts to convince my mind that reality was something other than what I was experiencing in the material world. What I needed was to by-pass my mind and Ego completely. Finally, my wings had shown up!

My Ego had desperately tried to stay alive and kept trying to “figure out” what I was supposed to do, what was my next move, how to navigate forward. I had already come to the realization that my desires to get a job, a house, a companion and a vehicle were attempts by my Ego to get “back to normal”. Now I finally understood that my Ego was still trying to control and I could not “let go” of my need to understand and figure things out. I needed to completely yield to Spirit and step out, away from my over-thinking mind and ignorant Ego. I cannot describe the ecstasy and gratitude I felt when I was liberated from the trap of over-thinking and the bondage of worry and fear. I was enlightened to the fact that my Spirit is connected to Source and its knowledge is not limited by the material world or the physical body/mind. The Spirit just “knows”. Even though I had already known this on some level, that knowledge was contained within my Ego which could not “trust” my Spirit enough to let go. Trust also comes from knowing and it is my Spirit who knows Source and the Universe, not my Ego. Arriving at this point had to come by revelation and Enlightenment and I can’t tell you how I got here. All I can tell you is that I kept Surrendering… “Wax on, Wax off“.

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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