Unlocking Your Purpose

Once in a while, on those rare occasions when the planets align, we get it right. We’ve all had those days when things just seem to go our way. Think about those times when you tried something that had a very small chance of working but with almost no thought, you succeeded. Usually it is something very inconsequential, like a basketball shot or kicking something into a container. Part of the reason it worked is because the stakes were low and you had no attachment to the outcome. But, there is another component involved which is of great significance, and which is almost completely overlooked and misunderstood.

Much has been said on the topic of Abundance in regards to Faith, Believing, Attachment, Resistance and Flow. While all of these are important and must be recognized in order to experience Abundance on a regular basis, one essential ingredient is often ignored. That ingredient is Intention. Intention, or Will, is that part of us that is uniquely Us. In other words, when you get down to that tiny spark that makes up the essence of who you are, it includes Intention. It is this spark that, when combined with the energy of the Universe, ignites the magic of creation.

The reason we know that our Will is separate is because we have the ability to override our Ego no matter how persistent or controlling it may be. Even addicts have the ability to overpower the obsession of the Ego for brief periods of time and can defeat their addiction after concerted effort. In fact, it appears that we have the ability to surrender our Will or Intention to either Negative or Positive Energy. We can give permission to our Ego or to our Spirit to direct our steps. If we Surrender our Will to Negative Energy, however, we will be taken in a direction which is opposed to our own best interests.

Of course we are talking about Free Will and the ability to choose a course of action. We are also talking about individual sovereignty and autonomy. We have discussed the difference between Obedience and Surrender and alluded to the issue of Intention. However, what we have not mentioned in previous articles is the connection between Intention and Surrender. At first glance, it may seem that these two concepts are opposed to one another. A deeper look will reveal that just the opposite is true.

For our purposes, Surrender means surrendering to one’s own Divine Nature. It is recognition of the fact that we each contain the divine “spark” of Life that connects us to the Universe. In other words, we are a representation of the Intention of the Universe. The act of surrendering to our nature is an Intention on our part as well. It is often said that we “always have a choice”, which is a reference to the nature of our Free Will. The problem with lumping everything together under the umbrella of choice is that it ignores Intention.

Negative Energy diminishes our ability to choose. In order to “choose” properly, one must have Freedom and Wisdom. Ignorance, Deception, Denial, Poverty, and Disease all restrict one’s ability to choose. Moreover, when it comes to Positive Energy, no better “choice” exists. Intention then, must be aligned with our own divine nature, which is aligned with Positive Energy, which is accomplished through Surrender.

In the above examples, when you kicked the basketball and it went into the hoop, an alignment occurred to which you were mostly unaware. First of all, you envisioned your intended outcome. At some point you thought; “wouldn’t it be cool of this ball went into the hoop?” Secondly, you were unattached to the outcome. In other words, your Ego wasn’t trying to control the situation and make it happen, which is why subsequent attempts never worked. Finally, your Intention connected with a higher vibration and energy which produced the desired results. In other words, you stepped into the Positive flow of the Universe without even knowing it.

The question then becomes how do we make this happen on a regular basis. The first order of business is knowing who we are. Until we become fully convinced that we are divine beings, events like these will only be accidental. Secondly, we must defeat the saboteur: The Ego. Our Ego is immersed in Negative Energy and false beliefs. It is completely tied to the physical realm and a material mindset. It is influenced by society, culture, religion and behavioral conditioning. Overcoming this will take a considerable amount of time so don’t think that you can muster up your “faith” and start knocking down mountains tomorrow. You have to do the work.

You have to dig deep into your inner self and confront negative beliefs, self-doubt, trauma and unforgiveness. You will need to meditate and discover your spiritual identity in order to listen to your Intuition rather than your Ego. You will need to let go of the idea of doing what you are “supposed” to do, or what some superior entity wants you to do. Life is about thriving and being You. You cannot do this if you think that You are your Ego and you are bound by the circumstances and people around you. You must first become enlightened to the fact that you originate from a higher place and that you have a higher purpose. Once you do that, then you simply combine your Intention with all of the resources of the Universe… Then, nothing can stop you!

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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