Letting Go of the Past

It used to really bug me when a Tarot Reader would say, “you’re still holding on to something from your past”, especially when I knew that I had been over my history with a fine-tooth comb. I would go on a rant with the Universe and throw a tantrum saying, “You want me to just take everything to the Union Mission and walk away naked in some arbitrary direction?” I finally realized that it wasn’t “something” from my past of which I needed to let go, rather it was simply “the past”. My Ego lived in the past and constantly played it like an old home movie. I would ruminate, regret and relive events over and over. I also realized that I had beliefs which needed to be tossed out or updated. I was co-dependent and looked for others to take leadership or for someone to rescue. I felt unworthy and settled for less or self sabotaged my own success. Letting go of the past was like peeling an onion… layer by layer. Here are some common “past” items which need to be addressed.

  • Unworthiness: Many are plagued with a vague sense of unworthiness and are unable to connect it with any event or condition of the past. Our worth is determined simply by our place in the Universe and connection to Source. It is not determined by our performance or the valuation of any human being. All thoughts of unworthiness and non-deserving need to be stopped and the Ego told to no longer entertain them.
  • Guilt/Shame: Most sensitive types absorb feelings of guilt and shame at a very young age. This is especially true when growing up in dysfunctional families, but may also occur in social settings such as public school. Traumatic events may contribute to pervasive feelings of guilt and shame as well as diagnosed disorders such as ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, personality disorders and more. One must learn to forgive one’s self and let go of thoughts and feelings of guilt and shame. This may have to be done repeatedly before it takes effect but this Negative Energy absolutely must be released.
  • Bitterness/Resentment/Hatred: No matter how badly you may have been abused, mistreated or betrayed, holding on to the pain will only serve to keep you down. You must find a way to release the perpetrator into the hands of Justice and Karma and let go of the Negative Energy created by them. You may need to seek the help of a friend or a trained professional, but at some point it must be done. You can trust that when the time is right, the Universe will bring it up along with the help you need.
  • Co-Dependency: This is a big one and it is very common, especially among Sensitive/Feeling types. If you are a Sensor/Feeler and grew up in a home where you had to be responsible for care-giving, or had to take care of a sick, alcoholic or addicted parent then you are Co-dependent. If you need to be liked, validated, needed and cater to others in order to avoid conflict, disapproval and overall discomfort then you are co-dependent. Chances are you are a Highly Sensitive Person and it was inevitable that you would fall into the trap of living to serve others while neglecting yourself. Now it is time to set some boundaries and be the King/Queen/Emperor/Goddess that you truly are. You’re going to have to let go of the “need to be needed” and the reliance on others for validation and enabling. Your mantra needs to become; “It isn’t selfish to put yourself first”.
  • Outdated Beliefs: Lots of “peeling” to do here. Everything from core religious beliefs such as “finding God’s Will” to 3-Dimensional thinking with time limitations and physical/material restrictions must come under scrutiny. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go searching. The Universe will see to it that erroneous beliefs get addressed. As a general rule, thoughts that center your focus away from yourself as the source of your happiness and fulfillment need to be discarded. Whatever you require to be happy, content and fulfilled is in charge of your happiness, contentment and fulfillment. If you allow your Ego to be in charge then you will be completely dependent on material things and never be satisfied. Your Spirit is already happy, content and fulfilled and can find Joy in the smallest of things. Yet, your Spirit is also aware that there is an abundance of anything and everything you could possibly desire without limitation. Old beliefs regarding gender roles, work expectations, time management and many more that we simply “assume” or leave to our subconscious may have to be revisited and adjusted. The key here is to remain in a state of Surrender and not resist the new insights epiphanies that come to you. It is time to shed the old, restrictive skin of the past and transform into the new, re-born beings that we truly are.

Published by Rick George

Had someone noticed when I was younger, I may have been diagnosed with ADHD and been put on medication. Fortunately that never happened. No, it hasn't been fun and my life has been quite turbulent as a result but I have had a unique vantage point and I have a feeling that it is about to pay off.

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