Why You Don’t Love Yourself & How To Change

Why does it seem that those with the most difficulty in loving themselves are also the most sensitive and caring among us? Part of the answer to this question has to do with the circumstances and conditioning which occur during childhood but perhaps a larger contributing factor is personality type. As a general rule, FeelingContinue reading “Why You Don’t Love Yourself & How To Change”

The Reason You Procrastinate

Procrastination isn’t always a bad thing! That’s right, you can let yourself off the hook and relax a little. There is a good reason why some people procrastinate and it has to do with personality types. Sometimes, what people label procrastination is actually “avoidance”. Avoidance is negative and is an attempt to postpone or get … Continue reading The Reason You Procrastinate

Jail Lesson: Don’t Look For Your Soul Mate In Jail

After having finished up clearing out the suicide watches one afternoon, I was making my way back to the office. As I was passing through Book In, I saw a slip of paper sliding across the floor. I bent over and intercepted it and looked at the young lady who had launched it toward theContinue reading “Jail Lesson: Don’t Look For Your Soul Mate In Jail”

Jail Lesson: No More Bail Outs

One of my main duties while working as a mental health clinician in a regional jail was monitoring suicide watch. This was back in the day when all the inmate was given to wear was a paper, hospital gown in order to prevent hanging. This was particularly unpleasant since the material was flimsy and theContinue reading “Jail Lesson: No More Bail Outs”

Jail Lesson: Stop Hanging Out With Death

In response to a medical slip requesting counseling services, an inmate assured me that he was not trying to receive psychotropic medication as many do to help pass their time in jail. He stated that he was just passing through on a court appearance while serving time in prison and would not benefit from aContinue reading “Jail Lesson: Stop Hanging Out With Death”

Jail Lesson: Don’t Trade Your Serenity

What follows is a series of encounters I had while working as a mental health clinician at a regional jail, the location of which I shall leave undisclosed. I was teaching a class on Serenity and explaining how that, since it was a spiritual concept, it was not relegated to physical circumstances. I stated thatContinue reading “Jail Lesson: Don’t Trade Your Serenity”

The Fool’s Journey

OK, so now you know your personality type along with some of the peculiar traits, quirks and proclivities that make you the wonderful, magnificent, spectacular creation that you are. The firsts step in your journey of self love and healing is coming to acceptance of your unique composition and history. Your Ego has evolved accordingContinue reading “The Fool’s Journey”

My Type: Judging

The “judging” of this particular personality type comes from the standard of “getting things done” and “efficiency”.  “J” types need structure and prefer to plan, schedule and organize their lives rather than shoot from the hip. J’s can be relied upon to maintain tradition, to take care of details, to keep things neat and orderlyContinue reading “My Type: Judging”