We Made A Decision…

The Third Step in the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is perhaps the most pivotal of all the steps. It marks the point at which the recovering alcoholic/addict lets go of their attempts to control their own redemption and surrenders to the intervention of their Higher Power.  It states; “We made a decision to turnContinue reading “We Made A Decision…”

Opioid Crisis, School Shootings and the 21st Century

Two major headlines as of the writing of this article include the school shooting in Broward County, Florida and the ongoing crisis of opioid addiction and treatment. Everyone from news pundits to politicians is scrambling to offer answers, but few can agree on the source of the problem, much less a viable solution. Is itContinue reading “Opioid Crisis, School Shootings and the 21st Century”

Solving the “God” problem of Recovery

Although most religions claim to be spiritually focused, nearly all filter spirituality through the physical lens or require some type of behavioral compliance in order to obtain spiritual rewards. Monotheistic religions tend to view God as a singular being, much like ourselves, and worship Him as a personal deity rather than acknowledge the spiritual laws,Continue reading “Solving the “God” problem of Recovery”

The Addiction/Grief Link

The greatest difficulty in becoming our true, authentic self is that our Will or Intention first filters everything through the Soul. This is necessary since the soul and body are linked and completely dependent upon one another for survival. The “Self” that emerges as a result of the experiences, interpretations, thoughts and emotions of thisContinue reading “The Addiction/Grief Link”