The Light of Truth

Epiphanies take a while to digest. During the download process, the mind races to assimilate the new information, putting the new puzzle pieces in place, drawing new conclusions and connecting dots. Once the excitement is over, new gaps begin to appear. Our last discussion revealed that the Will is complicit in aligning with the EgoContinue reading “The Light of Truth”

Epiphany – Dawn of Truth

And then it happens. You finally realize. You don’t know why you didn’t see it sooner. It was there all the time. It happened this morning during meditation. I was listening to The River meditation, aware of the fact that if “I” was grateful for my Higher Being, then “I” wasn’t actually my Higher Being.Continue reading “Epiphany – Dawn of Truth”


Finally the day arrives when you realize freedom from your Ego. All of the hard work, the mental anguish of fighting resistance, overthinking, negativity, fear, anxiety and self doubt come to an end. The persistence of positive affirmations, repeating the Truth, believing in your authentic Self and listening to Intuition finally pays off. It arrivesContinue reading “Liberation”

Getting Your Wings

“Wax on, Wax Off…” Perhaps you will recognize this quote from The Karate Kid when Mr. Miyagi taught his pupil, Daniel, defensive Karate moves by assigning him various chores which incorporated the basic movements needed in self defense. In doing this, Daniel was trained subconsciously while performing a task which seemed to be unrelated toContinue reading “Getting Your Wings”

Free Will, Choice, Surrender & Abundance

OK, In case you haven’t noticed, I’m writing this blog as I progress in my own spiritual journey and I post these nuggets of Wisdom as I pick them up along the way. I don’t claim to have the big picture just yet. I just put the puzzle pieces in place as I stumble acrossContinue reading “Free Will, Choice, Surrender & Abundance”

Why Your Abundance Isn’t Working

Abundance is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot with the assumption that everyone knows what it means and that the meaning is crystal clear. Much like the word “Surrender”, most assume that because they recognize the word, they also know the full reach of its application. A simple definition of AbundanceContinue reading “Why Your Abundance Isn’t Working”