Why You Don’t Love Yourself & How To Change

Why does it seem that those with the most difficulty in loving themselves are also the most sensitive and caring among us? Part of the answer to this question has to do with the circumstances and conditioning which occur during childhood but perhaps a larger contributing factor is personality type. As a general rule, FeelingContinue reading “Why You Don’t Love Yourself & How To Change”

Positive & Negative Energy

In order to make the adjustment and begin operating more in the spiritual realm, or in Positive Energy, we need to put things in proper perspective. Positive Energy is that which is Real or Authentic. Negative Energy is a mirror, a shadow, a void. Positive Energy is Life, Negative Energy is Death. In other words,Continue reading “Positive & Negative Energy”

More about Surrender vs. Obedience

This is important. You need to get this. I spent the bulk of my life in Evangelical, Fundamentalist Christianity and every day I worried about whether or not I was making God happy or had done something for which I needed to ask forgiveness. The burden became too much to bear. If you are trappedContinue reading “More about Surrender vs. Obedience”