I Ain’t Fixin’ To Enable Your Ego ~God

Often times when we are going through the process of transformation, we wonder why the Universe does not hear our cries for help or respond to our prayers. We may even imagine the Archangels munching popcorn and laughing as we struggle to get past our latest challenge. This is definitely not the case. Typically whatContinue reading “I Ain’t Fixin’ To Enable Your Ego ~God”

Fasting, Deprivation and other “Self Disciplines”

Many believe that fasting is a wonderful discipline for ridding the “flesh” of natural desires, lusts and cravings, and is a way to put the Spirit in control as well as a method of drawing nearer to God. Underneath this self-flagellation is the idea that God is an austere being and that the cravings andContinue reading “Fasting, Deprivation and other “Self Disciplines””