The Fool’s Journey

OK, so now you know your personality type along with some of the peculiar traits, quirks and proclivities that make you the wonderful, magnificent, spectacular creation that you are. The firsts step in your journey of self love and healing is coming to acceptance of your unique composition and history. Your Ego has evolved accordingContinue reading “The Fool’s Journey”

My Type: Judging

The “judging” of this particular personality type comes from the standard of “getting things done” and “efficiency”.  “J” types need structure and prefer to plan, schedule and organize their lives rather than shoot from the hip. J’s can be relied upon to maintain tradition, to take care of details, to keep things neat and orderlyContinue reading “My Type: Judging”

My Type: The Perceiver

In Jungian Typology and Myers Briggs Temperament identification the “P” category can very well stand for “Procrastination”, although the correct title is “Perceiving”. P-type individuals value freedom and independence and avoid restrictions whenever possible. Perceivers procrastinate because they like to keep their options open right up until the last minute. They may also avoid relationshipsContinue reading “My Type: The Perceiver”

My Type: Thinking vs. Feeling

Thinking and Feeling types are usually about as easy to distinguish as Extrovert/Introvert. The type of Thinking in this category is more of hard, analytical calculation rather than the conceptualizing, imagining of the Intuitive. The major difference between these two types is that Feelers are people oriented whereas Thinkers are more data, task oriented. InContinue reading “My Type: Thinking vs. Feeling”

My Type: The Sensing Type

In contrast to their Intuitive counterparts, Sensing types are often hard workers and far more industrious. They enjoy hands-on, practical work and play. As Thinking types they can be artists, mechanics, architects and supervisors and as Feelers they can be composers, performers, guardians and protectors. As a general rule, Sensors make decisions much more quickly thanContinue reading “My Type: The Sensing Type”

My Type: The Intuitive Type

The distinction between Sensing and Intuition can be one of the most difficult to make in temperament typology. However, some basic characteristics make that determination a little easier. The main distinction between Sensors and Intuitives is grounded-ness or practicality. Sensing types are very much hands-on and think in practical, rational and logical terms, whereas IntuitiveContinue reading “My Type: The Intuitive Type”

My Type: Introvert vs. Extrovert

This is the first of a series of articles exploring the Myers-Briggs, Jungian personality types. These articles will compare characteristics of the various sub-categories but will target common difficulties and misconceptions. It is a good idea to take the test online, and read the profiles which are presented. A vast amount of information is availableContinue reading “My Type: Introvert vs. Extrovert”