The Fool’s Journey

OK, so now you know your personality type along with some of the peculiar traits, quirks and proclivities that make you the wonderful, magnificent, spectacular creation that you are. The firsts step in your journey of self love and healing is coming to acceptance of your unique composition and history. Your Ego has evolved accordingContinue reading “The Fool’s Journey”

Fasting, Deprivation and other “Self Disciplines”

Many believe that fasting is a wonderful discipline for ridding the “flesh” of natural desires, lusts and cravings, and is a way to put the Spirit in control as well as a method of drawing nearer to God. Underneath this self-flagellation is the idea that God is an austere being and that the cravings andContinue reading “Fasting, Deprivation and other “Self Disciplines””

Living in Mindfulness & Serenity

One of the movies most surprisingly illustrative of Serenity and Mindfulness is┬áThe Last Samurai.┬áRegardless of its historical accuracy or political statement, The Last Samurai beautifully depicts the process of Surrender and Recovery. One of the many subtle references to Acceptance and Surrender comes when the leader of the Samurai village, Katsumoto, informs Captain Algren thatContinue reading “Living in Mindfulness & Serenity”

Mindfulness: The New Serenity

It seems as though everyone is throwing around the word “Mindfulness” these days. It’s sad when a word begins to lose its power due to common usage and familiarity. A video clip from Peaceful Warrior is one of my favorite illustrations of Mindfulness. It is about putting things in proper perspective and clearing the mindContinue reading “Mindfulness: The New Serenity”

Demystifying Enlightenment

As is often the case with Universal Principles, Enlightenment is given a “mystical” status which leads the average seeker to believe that it is something more complicated than it actually is. The quickest explanation is that Enlightenment is simply an act of falling in Love. As the word suggests, to become “En-light-en-ed” means that oneContinue reading “Demystifying Enlightenment”

Positive & Negative Energy

In order to make the adjustment and begin operating more in the spiritual realm, or in Positive Energy, we need to put things in proper perspective. Positive Energy is that which is Real or Authentic. Negative Energy is a mirror, a shadow, a void. Positive Energy is Life, Negative Energy is Death. In other words,Continue reading “Positive & Negative Energy”

“Good” people don’t smoke marijuana

Ok, it’s day 4 in the New Year and I am sitting down trying to build this blog in some sort of organized fashion so that a reader can follow a train of thought and arrive at a logical conclusion. However, as I begin to write, I am struck by a sound bite on televisionContinue reading ““Good” people don’t smoke marijuana”

More about Surrender vs. Obedience

This is important. You need to get this. I spent the bulk of my life in Evangelical, Fundamentalist Christianity and every day I worried about whether or not I was making God happy or had done something for which I needed to ask forgiveness. The burden became too much to bear. If you are trappedContinue reading “More about Surrender vs. Obedience”