Finding a Tarot Reader

Tarot readers are amazing! Not only do they operate in the metaphysical, they all sound as if they have master’s degrees in psychotherapy as well. It is no doubt that tarot-reading is a calling but not all readers are called and certainly not all are called to read to you. At the beginning of a reading you will be told to “take what resonates”, meaning to accept what rings in your spirit and reject anything that doesn’t sit well with you. Since readings done on YouTube are for the general population, you will need to listen to several readers for verification. You will need to find readers with whom you can relate and feel comfortable. You will find that some readers seem to “resonate” with you more often than others. You will  need to know your Sun, Moon and Ascending signs which can be found with a simple online search. It is a good idea to get readings with all three signs to get clarity and confirmation.

Here are a few readers whom I have found to be reliable as well as shining lights through very dark times. This should at least giv e you a good start on your Fool’s journey toward transformation.

The Basics: For beginners and quick confirmations
The Irish Gypsy  Clear, educational delivery with practical application. Great for those just starting the journey!
Hidden Truth Tarot Basic, straight-forward reading with clear interpretation.
Katy Tarot: Quick, practical, easy…
Deb Does Readings Down to earth, practical, straight forward.
Enchanted Tarot: This is the real deal, No fluff, no candy, straight reading
Green Lion Goddess: Happy, bubbly readings from down under. Clear, practical

Inner Healing, Guidance, Transformation work
Ali’s Tarot: Need a coach? Here ya go. If you’re an Empath or extra-sensitive, you might get bruised.
The Aussie Goddess Clear, straight-forward delivery with practical application. Lots of attention on inner healing and past issues.
Josie K Tarot  Intuitive, metaphorical style reading with multiple application. Requires attention and use of intuition. Don’t listen while driving
Truth Well Told Tarot Encouraging, motivational reading with practical application.!
Consciousness Evolution Upbeat, encouraging, mystical, delves into 5-D.
Moon Guidance Tarot Quick, upbeat, straight-forward reading, very positive & encouraging.
Pernilla True, reliable reading, especially concerning career and finance… a must have in your library.
Ms. Beverly Can’t nobody motivate like Ms. Beverly.
Rose Burnett Informative, multi-faceted, thorough reading with practical application.
The Journey Home Educational, with elements of both abstract and concrete application.
A New Era Intuitive reading with practical application directly from Sweden.
Royal Mystic Tarot  Educational, straight-forward, practical guidance and meditation.
Guiding Halo  Straight-forward, practical guidance with a Canadian accent, eh…
Soul Warrior Tarot  Positive, energetic, practical reading including career and finance
Diane Edwards Straight-forward, crystal clear, healing, usually lengthy, practical
Little Girl Lost: Practical, insightful, straight forward guidance.
Yasmine Star: Straight Forward, practical, guidance.
Shared Sentience: Amazingly accurate, insightful, straight forward reading.
303 High Priestess: Clear, practical guidance and inner healing..
Higher Source Tarot: Clear, practical, accurate.
Halo Moon Tarot: Accurate, straight-forward, practical guidance.
Ruby Reads Tarot: Mostly for Virgos, motivational, practical guidance.
Enhanced Energy Tarot: Mary Poppins’ little sister… Clear reading, practical guidance, encouraging and positive.
Julie Poole: Clear, practical guidance, motivational, encouraging.

Longer, in–depth readings, more application
Jodi’s Soul Songs  Intense, thorough, practical reading with optional extension… usually long…
Amethyst Angel Light: Clear reading, deep insight, healing & guidance.
Baba Joli: You simply must have the Baba Joli experience. Her readings are long but well worth the time spent. Best done early with a cup of coffee and a comfy chair.
Secret Shaman Oracles: In depth but clear and straight forward. Encouraging with practical guidance.
Sara Vrba: Deep with astrological insight. Inner healing, childhood issues, etc.
San Tarot Mystical, shamanic, abstract reading with offered extension. Requires use of intuition and imagination and intense focus.

Deep Dive Readings: These dig deep, inner healing, past trauma, shadow work. These are for those serious about positive change.
Dane Hart Tarot Deep, intense shadow work. Sit down, get comfy, pay attention. You’ll have to rewind, might want to get a pen and paper, lengthy.
Scorched Earth Tarot: Carrie is simply awesome…
Happy Twins 11:11: If you want the Truth you’ll find it here. Pick the right pile.
Enlightened Discussions (English): Tatiana will test your sincerity. You will have to pay close attention.
Joanna The Healer  Intuitive, practical, therapeutic – self healing oriented reading. Excellent for locking down the basics. Coffee, notepad, pause, rewind.
Intuitive Serenity For The Soul: Clear, encouraging, motivational, instructive, guiding. Pinpoint accuracy (must have)
Golden Heart Rising: Clear as a bell, specific guidance, on point, amazingly accurate. This is what you’re looking for.

Shadow Work

No discussion of transformation would be complete without a mention of Shadow Work. This involves the integration of the Lower Self, or our base, human nature, into our spiritual development. The Lower Self and the Ego are often confused, a mistake that I must admit I commit regularly. The difference is that the Lower Self is actually a part of us while the Ego is a mask created by the mind to cover up for our base nature. As we grow, we learn to hide our emotions, repress feelings of guilt and shame, bottle up anger and frustration and even bend reality to fit into our doubts, fears and wishes. This is how the Ego is developed and how our Self becomes lost.

During this entire journey, I have been unable to shake a sense of sadness or depression no matter what I tried. I may have escaped it for a few hours at most after meditation or a positive interaction, but it would always return. But yesterday, after I had allowed myself to indulge in an unhealthy habit I had been fighting against, I noticed a difference. I had been batting around the ideas of the Ego and the Lower Self and I accepted this indulgence as simply part of the nature of my Lower Self. Not only did I not feel guilty, but I felt as if my dog had simply torn up a pillow or taken a crap in the floor. It was a peaceful, almost endearing kind of feeling. Something was different.

Gone was the drama, the guilt, the self-berating and shaming that had been a constant for as long as I could remember. I felt good. I was at Peace. I couldn’t understand what was different. I hadn’t learned anything that I didn’t already know. I then realized that my Ego had been a receptacle and dispensory for negativity. It was all about drama, false beliefs, false prophesies. It was its own religion. But now, more importantly, it was gone. Finally!

I felt lighter, happier, free. It was as if a dark cloud had lifted.. I can’t explain it. It was just a matter of time for everything to finally come together. I can deal with my Lower Self because I don’t have the Ego spewing out guilt, shame and paranoia. Of course I can’t indulge in my lower desires and fantasies whenever I wish, but I am aware of my lower nature, Negative Energy and consequences. The need to get neurotic or shameful about it is simply gone. I’m sure there will be more onion skins to peel back, but for now, I am whole and I have Peace.

I Ain’t Fixin’ To Enable Your Ego ~God

Often times when we are going through the process of transformation, we wonder why the Universe does not hear our cries for help or respond to our prayers.

We may even imagine the Archangels munching popcorn and laughing as we struggle to get past our latest challenge. This is definitely not the case.

Typically what happens is that our Ego becomes quite uncomfortable and is wanting circumstances to return to a familiar state so that it can return to feeling in control and sufficiently stimulated.

During my transformation period, I took a job in a remote location and rented a bedroom apartment. I remember looking at the lights in houses as I passed by just to get a small sense of “normal” life and imagine that I had one. My Ego desperately wanted life to be normal again.

I knew however, that my work was not complete and that if I started putting the pieces of a normal life back in place, my Mind/Ego would take over again and I would be right back where I had been, living a false and unfulfilled life. I needed to finish my journey of transformation.

The mind focuses on the material; bank accounts, houses, cars, relationships, bills and jobs. As long as it can manage and accumulate, it can be content. Peace, contentment, happiness and worthiness are all based upon material management. This, however, is backwards.

Our true, authentic Self originates with Source. We are divine beings. Peace, Joy, Contentment and Happiness also originate with Source, not with material objects. When we look to the material for spiritual fulfillment, we will always be lacking and never satisfied. This is why Lack is at the root of most discontent.

If God were to give you that car, house or relationship, your Ego would be empowered and the changes you had worked so hard to achieve would be lost. All spiritual growth would stop and your mask would remain in place. Once the work is done and you live from your True Self, you can have whatever you want because it won’t change who you are.

Liberating Yourself

It may seem harsh to say that you built the cage in which you now find yourself trapped, but at the risk of sounding harsh, it is an aspect of the Truth. This does not mean that you are responsible for the trauma you may have endured, nor that there may have been a different course of action you could have taken in response to that trauma. It simply means that your mind reacted to your situation and set into motion beliefs, defenses and coping strategies for your protection. This is how the Ego is developed.

We grow up believing that the Ego is who we are, our identity, when in fact, it represents very little of our complete nature. In order to protect us, our mind creates a long list of restrictions, limitations, guilt, shame, false beliefs and deceptions so that prior trauma which we may have encountered is not repeated. All of this self-deception becomes quite sophisticated. So sophisticated, in fact, that it becomes nearly impossible to discern illusion from Truth.

Of course hearing that we are responsible for having trapped ourselves in a Life that is miserable and self-defeating is certainly far from liberating. However, after the initial “go fuck yourself” reaction, the realization that we are actually capable of rescuing ourselves becomes appealing, especially when the toll of living from our Ego becomes unbearable.

To say that only we are able to free ourselves does not mean that we must make this journey alone. What it does mean is that we must confront the beliefs of victimization, co-dependency and lack in order to take the necessary steps toward self discovery. We may enlist the aid of a therapist, spiritual leader or even a Tarot Reader, but it is up to us to muster the Courage to face our shadow self and flawed beliefs and let go of all that we thought we were in order to realize who we truly are.

I recently heard a preacher on Youtube put down the notion of loving oneself and extol the need to love others. The fact is that one cannot truly love another if s/he does not have proper love of self. Those of us who are co-dependent types have no difficulty in sacrificing our own needs for others and others have no difficulty in receiving that sacrifice. The problem with this type of thinking is that it is neither healthy nor proper. It requires a true love of self to speak one’s truth, set proper boundaries and refuse to be treated without respect or proper consideration. For some of us, it takes a lifetime to learn this lesson.

The journey to self discovery is long and difficult. It is a journey of death and re-birth. The alternative, however, is simply death without re-birth. For those who embark on The Fool’s Journey, that is simply unacceptable.

In The Flow

In the last article, we pointed out that “Life begins with Source”. This is the first step in understanding Flow. Begin with Source. In other words, meditate, surrender thoughts and emotions, realize your own Divinity, connect. This is where Life begins. Nothing you want to happen will take place until you connect with Source.

Some would say that you are always connected with Source and, in a sense, this is true. However, we have allowed our minds to have control for so long that stopping the illusion of the Ego with its false beliefs and negative emotions will take concerted effort. Focusing on the material world will generate Negative Energy and create anxiety, sadness and fear. This will create separation between us and the Universe, or as some might say, the illusion of separation. In short, it will lock you into the “Not You” rather than the “True You”.

Another secret to being “In The Flow” is to be in the present moment, or in the Now. This is also known as Mindfulness or Awareness. When we allow our minds to focus on the material comforts, distractions and chores we become unaware of the miraculous events that take place around us on a momentary basis. In other words, we forget who we are. Like the Universe, we are changing moment by moment but if we are locked into the belief that we are doing the same ol’ same ol’, then that is what we will experience.

To realize the newness of each moment is to be aware of the abundance of the Universe. Most of us have beliefs concerning Lack with which we have grown up. We’ve all heard “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “waste not, want not”. Some of us have experienced harsher “realities” that taught us that Life is hard and struggle is a given. This is an illusion of course but our Mind tries to protect us from trauma and it gives us this handy little script to follow in order to keep us “safe”.

One only has to observe nature to realize that no shortage exists in the Universe. A field of flowers, a huge tree with a community of birds twittering away, an endless waterfall, are all examples of abundance. What we forget is that we are also a part of this. We become focused on our world and being in control of it to the point that we are separated from our Source.

Flow does not simply mean getting back in touch with Nature. It means getting back in touch with ourselves. It means discovering our passion and living it. It means facing our demons and emerging victorious. And it means living up to our potential, which is that of a creator of worlds and grand adventures. Flow is about Life. It is about Life teeming with abundance. Your mind will prevent you from finding it because it will take you to the past or try to control the future. Your mind will begin with the problems of the material world and try to get the Spiritual to solve them.

To get into the flow you must connect with Source, let go of figuring out, surrendering doubts, fears and problem solving. You must merge with the Universe around you. You are already part of it whether you know it or not. You must release who you think you are, your past identity, your failures, faults and shortcomings. You must let go of all the negative energy of the past and become aware of the Now and the newness that surrounds you. Allow the morning dew of a fresh new day to wash over you and prepare you for a brand new start.

Understanding Flow

Flow is one of those concepts that gets tossed around like Surrender and Abundance as if there were some sort of common understanding of the full application of the words. As with all spiritual concepts, the full meaning is far more expansive than a mere word can convey.

In its simplest form, “Flow” has to do with the flow of energy in both the spiritual and physical realms. However, this covers a vast amount of territory and contains many subtle applications. The easiest analogy with which to convey the concept is that of a river. A river flows in one direction and carries objects from one point to another. One may easily identify with the river and become united with it in identity and in action. The difficulty lies in the separation of one’s own identity and that of the river, or Universe.

Technically, according to Zen and Taoist teachings, there is no separation. Yet, most of us find great difficulty in navigating through Life with an unending supply of Joy, Prosperity and Serenity and for the most part we do not wish to live in a monastery in the outer reaches of Tibet in order to experience them.

One Principle of Flow which is quite simple to understand is that “Life begins with Source”. While this may seem like a no-brainer, its simplicity often escapes our day to day comprehension. Since we live in a physical body which is completely enveloped in a material world, our viewpoint tends to be on the material first. As a result, we tend to look to our external world to meet our needs for comfort, love, happiness and security. When our external, physical world fails to meet those expectations, we then turn to the spiritual for answers. This is completely backwards and will always fail. Life doesn’t flow that way. We must remember that Life begins with Source and flows from there, not the other way around.

I often hear people state that one should never say, “I’m broke” or, “I can’t afford that” since it reflects a state of Lack and as a result attracts more Lack. I have even heard some go so far as to say that it confuses the Universe and forces it to give you more Lack. This is absurd. The Universe does not get confused, neither is it ever going to “give” you Lack; besides, You are the Universe.

Lack is Negative Energy. Negative Energy is forceful, controlling and resistant to change by nature. The problem is that our minds are vulnerable to Negative Energy, and from the time we are born, our minds attempt to make sense of the world around us and create an alter-identity which is our Ego. Our Ego is completely tied to the physical/material world and is highly vulnerable to Negative Energy. As a result we often become enslaved to Lack, Addiction, Deception, Ignorance and a whole host of other Negative Energies which restrict us and prevent us from the Life we want.

Once we become awakened to the Spiritual realm, we must shed our Egos and learn to listen to our Spirit and Intuition in order to engage Positive Energy and principles of Life. This is how “Flow” is restored and we become able to live the Life we were intended to have. For this to occur, we will have to focus on the internal, spiritual realm first for our Security, Contentment and Love for this is where they originate. We must also see ourselves as an integral part of the Universe and not a separate entity which is co-dependent on a Higher Source to meet all its needs. In other words, we are co-creators rather than co-dependents. Without this shift in consciousness, we will always be looking for an outside source to meet our needs and fulfill us when it is up to us to do that ourselves.

While most of this may seem to be passive, that is simply an illusion. While it is true that yielding to the “flow” of Positive Energy and Principles requires a letting-go, once this Surrender is made, action will be required in order to follow the prompts of the Intuition and Spirit. Yielding to the mind and focusing on material concerns will create resistance and block the flow.

In order to get into the Flow, it is essential that you know who you are and that you take up your place first and foremost in order to put things in proper perspective.

The Light of Truth

Epiphanies take a while to digest. During the download process, the mind races to assimilate the new information, putting the new puzzle pieces in place, drawing new conclusions and connecting dots. Once the excitement is over, new gaps begin to appear.

Our last discussion revealed that the Will is complicit in aligning with the Ego and resisting alignment with Spirit. According to Alan Watts, the Ego is simply an illusion as is our separation from the Universe, or Source. In other words, The Ego is something we construct in order to deal with the complexities of being part of the vast, complicated Universe. It is the result of our attempt to make sense of the world around us and our role within it.

It was our Will, our “Core Essence”, our “Sentience” or “Self Awareness” that created our Ego as a sort of shield or avatar to protect us from a hostile environment. We are not a victim of our Ego, although through it we may have become entangled in Negative Energies difficult to escape. But it is up to us to re-discover ourselves and engage our powerful, limitless, sovereign, Divine Nature and live according to that nature.

The Revelation…

Resistance is the result of our Mind and Will being out of alignment with Truth and Love, not trusting our own Inner Being and giving in to some thought or belief that is totally false. It is the failure to surrender to our own purpose and personal fulfillment, the ultimate self-sabotage.

The Sacred Fool

So then if we are Divine Beings and part of the Infinite Source, it is in our nature to be Positive Energy. In other words, we are Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance by nature. To go against that nature is to go against ourselves which is resistance. The resistance then is not against something outside ourselves such as God or The Universe. We are in fact resisting ourselves. The only way that we can actually live the life of abundance, true love and total fulfillment is to embrace our real nature and step into the flow of the Universe which contains the divine blueprint, code or DNA specifically for us. Resistance is the result of our Mind and Will being out of alignment with Truth and Love, not trusting our own Inner Being and giving in to some thought or belief that is totally false. It is the failure to surrender to our own purpose and personal fulfillment, the ultimate self-sabotage.

In the end, it’s all about Us. We are the Universe. That doesn’t mean we are to be self-focused. On the contrary, it means that we are part of a larger picture and we have our part to play. But it isn’t something we have to “figure out” or to “get right”. We just need to remember who we are and from whence we came.

Epiphany – Dawn of Truth

And then it happens. You finally realize. You don’t know why you didn’t see it sooner. It was there all the time.

It happened this morning during meditation. I was listening to The River meditation, aware of the fact that if “I” was grateful for my Higher Being, then “I” wasn’t actually my Higher Being. Then I got an image of my Will, my Inner Being (or Spirit) and my Ego standing together. My Will was standing with my Ego and then it occurred to me that it was actually being kept from my Inner Being. “What the hell?” I thought. There actually were things in place that were designed to keep my Will away from my Higher Self.

I mean this was no secret, right? I had written about this. I already knew this. But for some reason I now saw it in a different light. My Will was actually being denied access to my Higher Self! In other words, my Higher Self, or my Spirit, did not have complete freedom to operate my Volition while my Ego operated it without restriction. Now that I think about it, my Ego was acting as a filter; censoring, analyzing, approving or disapproving everything that transpired between my body and spirit and my actual Essence, or Will. While I may have known this on other levels, finally the full picture had emerged.

Suddenly, all of the admonitions by Tarot Readers to “let go”, “stop resisting”, “release” and “go with the flow” made sense. Somehow, deep in my inner core, I had been convinced that my own “Free Will” , or in essence, my core Self, should be entrusted to my Ego and my Ego guarded it fiercely. A series of nearly subconscious thoughts appeared which consisted of, “You should be over there”, “No, you don’t belong there”, “You can’t be there”, “That wouldn’t be right”, which had to do with the location of my Will in alignment with my Higher Self. It was as if I viewed my Spirit as an entity separate from myself and that my Will, or Volition was unworthy of direct access to my Higher Self. All of this took place in a matter of nano-seconds.

It was then that I realized I was FREE! I was finally free to be my Higher Self with unlimited access to Source. I was no longer relegated to the material world, or to my mind, or to my past or previous conditioning. Of course I had to know that all of that had taken place before this revelation could occur, but finally, everything had aligned. It had come one layer at a time and with each removal the vision became clearer.

A Darker Truth…

As I reflected on this revelation and began writing of the experience, a darker Truth began to emerge. I was reminded of an article I had written some time ago entitled “We Made a Decision“. In this article, I pointed out that according to Genesis, it was not the Ego that acted against God’s instructions not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, rather the Will itself.

I thought about the underlying issues of lack, co-dependency and victim mentality. It is easy to blame the Ego as the culprit and allow my core Self to be innocent and free from responsibility. In fact, this is a pattern in which I have engaged my entire life. I have always wanted to be free from blame and to be guiltless. I have used co-dependency and victimization as excuses for lack and poverty. My Will is complicit with the Ego in not fully surrendering to my Higher Self out of fear of failure and humiliation.

I am not accusing or judging myself. I am simply observing that my Will has not jumped at the chance to align with my Higher Self and access the power that would follow such a decision. The Ego offered protection, albeit with great restriction and great cost. I traded my magnificent, authentic self for a weaker, yet safer version long ago. I didn’t know what I was doing; nevertheless, I gave the orders and my Ego faithfully carried them out. Then, somewhere along the way, I became lost.

I gave my Ego control and it faithfully complied although it was overcome by Negative Energy. I now reclaim my power as my Higher Self and Surrender to my True Nature. I Am That I Am.


Remember how we said that transformation was like peeling an onion? Slowly, one layer peels away and it seems as if nothing changes at all. Then a few more layers and an Epiphany! But wait! The revelation is short lived before you realize you still feel incomplete, unsatisfied. Your physical circumstances haven’t changed and it feels like the Universe is having fun at your expense.

Now your Ego is really getting pissed off and is digging through its tool box to see what it can use next to get back to some sense of “normal”. Lately you have been digging through your past to see what it is that is blocking you from moving forward and sifting through your beliefs to find which ones are holding you back. The problem, of course, is that this cannot continue.

We have been told that The Secret is The Law of Attraction. But some of us have been so enmeshed in poverty, lack, low self esteem and hyper-sensitivity that we cannot get free from our meddlesome Egos long enough to attract Positive Energy.

The Secret to The Secret is living from your Higher Self. It isn’t enough to put an end to negative thinking and try to maintain a positive outlook. The story must end. Until we completely free ourselves from the old narrative of who we thought we were with our limitations, failures, inadequacies and lack, we will continue getting more of the same. That means stepping away from the old and totally embracing the new. This is not about self improvement, self discipline or anything that has to do with dressing up the Ego.

This is about losing it. It’s about finding it. It’s about digging down to the Real You that was locked away so many years ago and stepping out. It’s about dropping the mask and speaking your Truth. It isn’t about simply getting an attitude when things don’t go your way. It’s not about shaming or guilting others, throwing tantrums or even taking your ball and going home. It’s about dropping the facade, expressing yourself, setting boundaries. It’s about Self Respect and Self Love. It’s about knowing who you are.

In order for us to live the Life we deserve, we must become the divine beings we truly are. We must operate in Honor, Integrity and Virtue. This is not possible from the Ego. It is only possible from our divine nature or our Higher Self. The reason we are held back is because we feel that we cannot break away from our Ego. This is who we believe we are. It is all we have known.

But this goes beyond cognitive dissonance. This cannot be fixed by simply replacing a few irrational beliefs. This is going to require metamorphosis. You cannot continue crawling on your belly. You will not be able to go on living in the pond. You are going to have to fly. Without assistance. Without a safety net. Just you.

Peace, Freedom, Joy and Love transcend everything! They are supreme principles of the Universe. They are priceless, invaluable! This is the origin of your Divine Nature. When you step into the flow of these principles you are simply returning to your true nature. Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing that the Ego can produce compares to these principles and being outside of them is simply Lack.

You use to know this. In your innocence you reveled in this Truth. Somewhere along the way you forgot. You forgot who you were. You believed what you were told. You accepted guilt, shame and limitations. Forget self improvement! Get back to where you belong and everything will clear up.


Finally the day arrives when you realize freedom from your Ego. All of the hard work, the mental anguish of fighting resistance, overthinking, negativity, fear, anxiety and self doubt come to an end. The persistence of positive affirmations, repeating the Truth, believing in your authentic Self and listening to Intuition finally pays off.

It arrives as an awareness; subtle, but very real. The nagging, critical voice has been mostly gone but effort had to be maintained to keep it in check. There had been a cloud, a persistent depressing feeling because circumstances weren’t optimal and the Ego wasn’t “comfortable”. The Ego is in a permanent state of resistance and attracts Negative Energy.

One morning, you realize that you don’t wake up with the grumps. The depressing cloud is gone. It isn’t just “absent” like it has been on other occasions. It is completely gone. You had been practicing “loving yourself” and seeing yourself as a marvelous creation with limitless potential. Now, this morning, the Truth has settled in. You are finally “Self Aware”, without doubt, without fear, without discontent.

It is a feeling of power. It isn’t as much “exhilaration” as it is satisfaction. Its like watching someone come to a slow realization that something they had been working on for so long, with the knowledge that it would eventually happen, occurred when they weren’t looking. In my case though, it had been so exhausting that I was too tired to celebrate, along with the fact that I wanted to be sure it was going to stick around this time, even though there was an underlying assurance that this was permanent. I could tell it was different by the marked absence of an attachment to “the past”.

Something that had preceded this event was an acceptance of my ADHD (inattentive type). Whether it is a disorder, an orientation or a Life Path, my Ego had to deal with it and it basically hid it “in the basement” when I was a child. I had worn the mask of conformity and abandoned my True Self. Somehow, this acceptance ended the war that I had waged with myself all of my life, trying to prove that I was worthy while believing I was flawed.

My readings confirmed that a change had taken place and I allowed the rain to fall and wash away the pain of the past as mentioned in the videos above. I am certain there will be more battles and I will have to confront beliefs from the past but a cycle has ended. A new one begins. I still have a lot of unanswered questions but now I know that the answers are waiting.