“Good” people don’t smoke marijuana

Ok, it’s day 4 in the New Year and I am sitting down trying to build this blog in some sort of organized fashion so that a reader can follow a train of thought and arrive at a logical conclusion. However, as I begin to write, I am struck by a sound bite on television made by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. His statement that “good people don’t smoke marijuana” succinctly expresses a common belief and pitfall found in nearly all of us.

First of all, Jeff Sessions is not qualified to define “good people”. All people are valuable and worthy simply because of their existence and it is wrong to suggest that people are either “good” or “bad” because of their behavior. We are not defined by our behavior. Behavior fluctuates with positive or negative energy such as moods, backgrounds, mental states, physical states, so on and so forth. Of course human beings are capable of horrific behaviors but even those do not completely alter the worthiness of the individual. Someone who might be considered completely worthless would have to be devoid of any positive quality whatsoever and it is unclear whether or not any human being is capable of making that determination.

Sessions’ implication, of course, is that smoking marijuana is bad, irresponsible behavior. The logical conclusion, therefore, is that only bad people engage in bad behavior. The logic is flawed, of course, but more of us than would like to admit, are guilty of it. You may cringe at Sessions’ judgmental faux-pas, but do you employ the same logic at times, especially with yourself? Do you judge yourself or others based on behaviors of the past? Do you judge yourself based on your accomplishments or lack thereof? Do you believe that it is adherence to a code of right and wrong that will win you favor with the Almighty? Of course there is such a thing as injustice when we violate the rights of others, but that implies a debt rather than the loss of worthiness.

God does not judge you based on whether or not you “keep the rules”. You judge yourself! If you eat potato chips and drink sodas every day then your health suffers. If you lie and cheat in business it catches up with you. If you ignore the rules of success then you scrape to get by. God’s laws and principles are already set in place and it is up to us to either surrender to them or not. Our behavior is simply reflected by our degree of surrender. If “good people” don’t smoke marijuana, does that mean that “good people” do not gossip or tell white lies? Does it mean that “good people” are not overweight or ill due to poor nutrition or lack of exercise?

Smoking marijuana is neither good nor bad… unless you believe it is! It may however be detrimental or beneficial to your physical body or mental state (not to mention legal status). It is similar to drinking wine. In moderation, it may enhance one’s enjoyment of Life. In excess it may be a hindrance in reaching your personal goals (at least the really important ones). At any rate, that is a determination best left between an individual and his Higher Power!

The lesson to take away from this asinine statement is that we all are guilty of making erroneous judgments, especially with regard to morality. However, do we feel like we always have to “get it right”? Do we find ourselves being overly critical of our behavior instead of simply enjoying Serenity and Peace where Wisdom, Love and Joy abide? Remember, it isn’t so much what you do, as it is allowing where you are to influence what you do!

More about Surrender vs. Obedience

This is important. You need to get this. I spent the bulk of my life in Evangelical, Fundamentalist Christianity and every day I worried about whether or not I was making God happy or had done something for which I needed to ask forgiveness. The burden became too much to bear. If you are trapped in the belief that you must “obey” in order to be blessed and avoid God’s displeasure then your mental health is suffering.

The problem arises when we view God as “human”. God is Positive Energy. God is Love. Yes, Positive Principles have laws, boundaries and predictable outcomes; however, “obedience” is not the objective. Surrendering to Love is in our own best interest. If we truly knew the nature and value of Love, we would sell our very souls to have it. Why would we not want to surrender to Freedom? Freedom is not going to overtake us. Freedom is not going to conquer us and make us bend to its will. This is not how Positive Energy operates. You cannot “force” someone to Love, to be free, or to be at Peace.

The Principles of God or the Universe are invaluable. When we recognize their value and desire them for what they are worth, then our motivation becomes internal and self-motivated (not selfish). It is within our True Self’s interests to follow the principles of Life, Love, Joy, Freedom and other Positives. Sacrifices will be required of the Ego, but even the sacrifices are for our benefit in the long run. In fact, the Ego derives a certain amount of attention or acknowledgement by “sacrificing” for the sake of obedience or external reward. However, often what is deemed as a sacrifice for “obedience” sake, is  costly to Self and often deceptive, being only for show and empty of true substance.

The gist is this… You are a sovereign entity in your own right. You are made to be uniquely you and fulfill your particular destiny doing what makes you the happiest. You were not brought forth to be a perpetual child to be pampered, taken care of and always seeking approval. The need to constantly check to see if you are “obedient” reinforces the notion of dependency and immaturity. Surrendering to Principles because they are beneficial and within our own best interests demonstrates maturity and responsibility.

Surrender is Intention. It is You at the core stating; “This is who I am and this is what I do!”  Surrender is standing your ground. You are not surrendering to defeat or any type of Negative Energy; rather, you are surrendering to your own Divine Nature. You are surrendering to the laws and principles of Positive Energy, of Life itself! It is the intent of a sovereign, free-willed individual and it is much more powerful than reluctant, resentful or even deceptive obedience. Surrender has nothing to do with weakness or defeat. It is You yielding to your True Nature and not giving in to Negative Energy!

Obedience vs. Surrender

Ok, I’ll admit that in typical Virgo fashion, I can sometimes split hairs when it comes to definitions. But really, words are just symbols. There is no way that a simple four-letter word can convey an abstract concept such as Love or Life. Words are simply meant to convey a thought or idea. That is why a good meditation practice is to perform a word study. One of my favorite revelations came when I was studying the word “resolve”. It seemed as if a whole world of understanding opened up when I looked up the various meanings and nuances of this powerful word.

So why the need to differentiate between Surrender and Obedience? The issue is the religious understanding that God demands obedience in order to be appeased, placated or otherwise disposed to take care of us and meet our needs. We often assume that obedience produces reward and disobedience results in punishment. Biblical stories, parables and axioms seem to reinforce the concept of obedience, even blind obedience. One can argue any biblical interpretation from many angles (some have even made a case for extra-terrestrials) but suffice it to say different day, different time. Some things that were applicable thousands of years ago in an agrarian, patriarchal culture have been outgrown. Not to say that Truth is no longer relevant, simply that expectations have been raised.  In the grander scheme of things, obedience is a small objective, both for God and for mankind.

The biggest issue, at least for me, is that if God wanted our obedience, as King of the Universe (or the Universe itself) He has a myriad of ways at His disposal in order to get it. I cannot believe that the highest achievement of man is blind obedience to God. Yet this appears to be the culmination of man’s existence, at least according to most fundamentalist, evangelical churches. And you can rest assured that in the course of your existence God is going to ask you to do some shit that you really, really don’t want to do… in order to test your “faith” of course. It’s almost as if God has some sort of identity complex – like Santa Clause in those Christmas movies where the world has stopped believing and it needs some starry-eyed, nerdy kid to restore the Universe to its proper balance. Nope, not buyin’ it.

No, God is not a human being. He is not a person like us. God is Spirit. God is Love. He is also the source of all Wisdom. If God is Love, then He is also Peace, Serenity and Joy. In fact, God is Positive Energy. Instead of looking at God as a “person”, even a highly revered, honorable “person”, and instead, seeing Him as his attributes of Love, Peace, Serenity, Joy, Freedom and more, it changes our view of Life and our responsibility to ourselves. If we want Health then we have to revere it and pursue it. We have to abide by its principles, accept its laws, in other words “Surrender”. In surrendering to Life, we avail ourselves of Life. We enjoy Life. We have Life and all Life has to offer. In other words, surrendering is in our own best interest.

Obedience focuses on the external, on some outside force that is greater in power, knowledge and resources who must be served. One could argue that obedience is an act of love and respect but this is only true to a point. If one were to simply act out of obedience yet harbor resentment, or even secretly act differently when out of the “view” of  authority, then they are violating their own Integrity. Surrender is a result of maturity, of development, of Enlightenment. We must become enlightened to the fact that we are the offspring of the Creator, the Source. In other words, we are Light, Love, Peace, Joy and Success! Then, adhering to the Principles of Light, Love, Peace, Joy and Success is in our own best interests. At that point, our motivation becomes internal. Our actions flow from our nature rather than being something we do in order to “earn” validation or approval.

“Enlightenment” is an act of falling in Love. Once we realize that Positive Energy is part of our very nature, not only are we grateful for the Principles of the Universe, we begin to see ourselves differently. The veil of Darkness, Ignorance and Deception is lifted and we know true Freedom!


The thought for today is Expansion! During my morning meditation I contemplated the idea that my world had become very small. My focus had centered on my bills, my daily routines and simply getting through the day. My thoughts were more consumed with what I didn’t have than all to which I had access through Spirit. I thought about how easy it is to allow our daily lives to become focused around routines and how those routines can take on disproportionate significance. We’ll even start fights and family feuds over trivial details. Do you honestly think that the King of Spain cares that I didn’t get to read the paper at 9 AM this morning? Or that my neighbor gives a shit that I can’t charge my phone because someone borrowed the cord?

This lies at the heart of Serenity. Serenity is about maintaining perspective. It pertains to keeping in focus that which is truly valuable and of real importance. In other words, keeping sight of the big picture. As with other truths this can be quite paradoxical at times. What is really important? Being on time for work; paying our bills promptly; noticing the flowers along the sidewalk; spending time with someone you love? Now imagine that you’re dying; did anything change? Those flowers that you haven’t given a second thought, all of a sudden take center stage.

It is very easy to get caught up in day to day routines and lose perspective of the bigger picture. But even that is a cliche. What is important is that we take our place in the Universe and get the most out of Life that we possibly can in the present moment. We can’t get “the most” when we believe we only deserve a portion or none at all. We can’t get “the most” when we are focused on a tiny part of the picture and obsessed with how that tiny piece functions or doesn’t. Sometimes we have to “zoom out” and realize that we are a part of a bigger plan and that we have access to all of it, not just our little section.

The Sacred Fool

This site is dedicated to The Fool’s journey as depicted in the Tarot. It was inspired by an Oracle card written by Alana Fairchild called The Sacred Fool. We are all on a Fool’s Journey in an attempt to discover our True, Authentic Self and overcome the obstacles that hinder us from living a life of Abundance and personal fulfillment.

The sacred fool in you is willing to leave behind what has been because it no longer feels right to stay attached to it. The sacred fool in you trusts life completely. It would never occur to this part of you to try and outsmart life or resist its flow. It recognizes that the mind is a monkey puppet on strings. More often than not, it is cajoled into fear when it could be playfully dwelling in the radical spontaneity of life. So, the sacred fool in you urges your mind to let itself be pulled into joy by your heart strings not into fear and doubt by the controlling machines of mass media.

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