The thought for today is Expansion! During my morning meditation I contemplated the idea that my world had become very small. My focus had centered on my bills, my daily routines and simply getting through the day. My thoughts were more consumed with what I didn’t have than all to which I had access through Spirit. I thought about how easy it is to allow our daily lives to become focused around routines and how those routines can take on disproportionate significance. We’ll even start fights and family feuds over trivial details. Do you honestly think that the King of Spain cares that I didn’t get to read the paper at 9 AM this morning? Or that my neighbor gives a shit that I can’t charge my phone because someone borrowed the cord?

This lies at the heart of Serenity. Serenity is about maintaining perspective. It pertains to keeping in focus that which is truly valuable and of real importance. In other words, keeping sight of the big picture. As with other truths this can be quite paradoxical at times. What is really important? Being on time for work; paying our bills promptly; noticing the flowers along the sidewalk; spending time with someone you love? Now imagine that you’re dying; did anything change? Those flowers that you haven’t given a second thought, all of a sudden take center stage.

It is very easy to get caught up in day to day routines and lose perspective of the bigger picture. But even that is a cliche. What is important is that we take our place in the Universe and get the most out of Life that we possibly can in the present moment. We can’t get “the most” when we believe we only deserve a portion or none at all. We can’t get “the most” when we are focused on a tiny part of the picture and obsessed with how that tiny piece functions or doesn’t. Sometimes we have to “zoom out” and realize that we are a part of a bigger plan and that we have access to all of it, not just our little section.

The Sacred Fool

This site is dedicated to The Fool’s journey as depicted in the Tarot. It was inspired by an Oracle card written by Alana Fairchild called The Sacred Fool. We are all on a Fool’s Journey in an attempt to discover our True, Authentic Self and overcome the obstacles that hinder us from living a life of Abundance and personal fulfillment.

The sacred fool in you is willing to leave behind what has been because it no longer feels right to stay attached to it. The sacred fool in you trusts life completely. It would never occur to this part of you to try and outsmart life or resist its flow. It recognizes that the mind is a monkey puppet on strings. More often than not, it is cajoled into fear when it could be playfully dwelling in the radical spontaneity of life. So, the sacred fool in you urges your mind to let itself be pulled into joy by your heart strings not into fear and doubt by the controlling machines of mass media.

For the newest articles, click here and scroll down. The following articles are in a logical sequence for starting your journey.

  1. What Does It Mean to Love Yourself? Your first objective is to start loving yourself. No matter what has happened to you or what you’ve done in the past you must realize that you are worthy of Love and you must defeat all lies to the contrary.
  2. The Ego: Your own worst enemy is You. Your Ego is not evil, neither is it your true enemy. Your Ego’s primary job is self-preservation. However, the Ego is highly susceptible to Negative Energy and thinks it’s protecting you when it is actually blocking you.
  3. Ego vs. Spirit: Tips on making the transfer from being Ego-led to Spirit-led.
  4. Freedom from “Religious” Thinking: Most traditional religious exercises do not remove the Ego from the driver’s seat; rather they simply empower it further.
  5. Positive & Negative Energy: How they operate and how to navigate.
  6. True Surrender: Navigating from Negative to Positive.
  7. Surrender vs. Obedience: It isn’t about pleasing God… being You makes God happy.
  8. Discover Your Personality Type: Understand your personality make-up and how your Ego interacts with others.
  9. Find A Reader: Find a Tarot Reader who can help you connect spiritually and guide you through healing and transformation.
  10. Tarot Basics: Understanding Your Reading.
  11. Getting Clarity: Overcoming Negativity… Surrendering to Spirit.
  12. Letting Go of the Past: If you cling to the past you won’t have a future.
  13. Moving Toward Abundance: To get what’s yours you have to know who you are.
  14. Accepting Your True Identity: Surrendering to Your True Self.
  15. Getting Your Wings: Flying above the material.
  16. Out of the Darkness: Taking flight.
  17. Accepting The Ego: Like peeling an onion…

If you peruse the site you will find other pages such as: The Tower; The Reason You Procrastinate; The Addiction/Grief Link; Jail Lessons; Demystifying Enlightenment; The Twelve Steps, and more. May you be blessed in your journey and may it be as quick and as pain free as possible.

Articles are in REVERSE chronological order and are categorized according to topic.